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Global Master

The Global Master Program allows students to have a truly global experience and study on 3 different continents, ie. Europe, Asia and North America. Students are required to earn a minimum of 10 credits at any of our campuses in Europe, a minimum of 10 credits at our Satellite Campus in Tokyo, Japan, and can transfer a maximum of 22.5 credits from the New York Extension Program. The remaining credits can be earned at any of our campuses in Europe and Asia. Starting the Global Master program is possibly only in Europe and Asia.

Course planning

The Global Master option can be applied to any Master program for which the necessary courses are offered during the student's time at our campuses in Europe and Asia, and at our partner school in New York. Upon starting the program, students should consult with their local Academic Coordinator to develop a personalized course planning that allows them to meet the necessary program requirements. Refer to the Program Schedule for an overview of available programs and specializations.